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I really need to get busy. Used to make candy wreaths when my girls were in the drill team.. The other day I met a woman who was needle pointing a pillow case. Thought what a great gift. She was doing a grey mouse, a house, and the words ... Twas the night before Christmas... It was for her granddaughter.

How about a "box" of good wishes. A small box decorated with pretty paper & ribbon. With a note.. box not to be open.. but held to get the good wishes.

If you have young kids have them make mom/ nana a jewelry box ....
Get a box the size cigars come in... use different shapes of pasta (bows etc) glue them on the box. Have an adult spray paint the box silver /gold... put a piece of felt on the inside of cover & a small mirror turned so it looks diamond shape. Also put the felt around the mirror ( to cover any sharp edges).

Good luck with it all.

I love the idea of the coupon book.

Have a friend that we don't exchange gifts. Instead we get together after Christmas and we go out to lunch at one of the restaurants. We toast to our friendship. No expense to either of us ( dutch treat). It's a good time. We don't live near each other so this is a special treat for us. Our gift is the gift of friendship & time together.
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