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Pooh, I'm so glad to hear from you girl! Did you catch "Bones" the other night? It was awesome,one of them is a lesbian now! But I do love that show,they crack me up sometimes, and that guy who plays "sweets" is so pathetic but sweet in a way,lol. I got tired of "csi" when they fired two regulars for something. I do like Marg Helgenberger tho. But then I always loved her in "China beach" back then. I don't know if I told everyone I have a chance of adopting a 13 year old girl. We are getting to know each other,just met her for first time last week. Lots of odds and ends about her but I'm given six months to spend with her before deciding anything. Everyone whose reading this I hope you are all well and I've never forgotten you girls,I always loved the chats.
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