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DrHilieWho, I hear you about the christian focus of WS. I got really frustrated a few times when someone just <i>offered</i> to do Tarot readings, and people went off the deep end.. we couldn't get the room back OFF the topic of Satanism for nearly a half hour. :::sigh and growl:::

We don't do easter at all, except dinner with my parents (and dinner is traditionally rabbit, so... it's pretty much a joke and an excuse to get together). We DID give the kids "easter" stuff (bunnies, eggs, etc, with a minimum of candy) for the Equinox.

:::another deep sigh::: I will be away from home on Beltane.

In Phoenix, we belonged to a pagan children's group that got together on a regular basis. We did lots of different crafts, worked out a ritual framework simple enough for even the littlest ones, story telling, and basically just a chance to know that there were other kids out there "like them." It was falling apart anyway around the time we moved (have you ever noticed that pagan groups have a limited life span..?) but I sure miss it! Their website doesn't seem to be up any more, either...
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