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I got my little great neice and nephews 'gift cards' also. Since they range in age 4 to 10 and live in St Louis I have no idea to what they like & don't like...this way they can take their cards to the stores and find something they really want! The boys got Walmart and girl got Michaels since both great neice & mommy do Scrapbooking together!

For the adults about 5 in family I'm sending gifts to; it will be my baked goodies and my handmade card packs I do. Same with the group of friends we give gifts to here in Anchorage.

You can chek out my cards if you want by clicking on link in my signature.

My Mom gets a big gift card to this buffet place in St Louis she likes to go and eat at. She rarely cooks for herself since Dad died and she likes to take a book and go to this buffet place, eat and read.

That is it for me and getting ready.
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