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Thank you Irish Eyes

I have done a lot of home improvement stuff. Against the advice of my parents I bought a house that is now well-over a hundred years old. At the time buying this house was cheaper than renting a single wide (8 foot wide) trailer that was in bad shape, had roaches and mushrooms growing in the carpet by the leaky water heater.

This house wasn't much better and required a ton of work but it is kinda mine. I refinanced it twice and owe a lot on it but it has allowed me advantages when borrowing money, I was able to start my own business (at home). But I did a lot of work on it and my advantages didn't come cheap. Looking back it might have been better to focus on a career and then be able to afford a nice home that way. I did however build an addition on my home and the part I used to live in is rented out and has been for three years which helps a lot. Especially when self-employed without benefits like vacation time or health insurance.

I have done everything that can be done on a house, there are certain things I would never ever want to do again however when you have the right people helping you even the worst job can be "enjoyable" and it is certainly nice to have the job done. The most amazing thing to me is I did all I have done and I can still count to ten on my hands and see out both eyes.
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