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I felt sad reading that post because it means that we, as roomies have failed in our reason for being there: support, education etc. I think we need to continue to learn the agree to disagree rule, the respect and support each other rule.
I know I'm not the only roomie who enjoys learning about other religions and would love for you to share your experience with Wicca. I promise I will listen without being judgemental. I am ignorant about it and am curious to understand what it involves.
You had a bad day and the room let you down. That's not ok. We all have to remember that we can express our opinions and we need to remember to not jump down someone's throat if their beliefs don't match ours.
Hilie, you have every right to express your viewpoint in the room and it is up to us, to make sure we listen to, respect and support you...even when we disagree.
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