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I love cooking with gas. It seems so much more friendly to the food than electric but with gas I prefer to use a lot of cast iron cookware.

But then you have to maintain the cast iron cookware and keep it seasoned. I would just coat it in vegetable oil and bake it in the oven on (I think) 450 degrees for forty five minutes? I am sure someone could Google the proper technique.

I have been without a kitchen now for three years. I had to rent out my home in order to avoid defaulting on my mortgage and I live in a "space" and am making due. It isn't as bad as it sounds, it used to be but I have been slowly making improvements to the "space".

Gas rocks but it can be worrysome. The meter outside my house always smells of gas. My house is older, I worry the pipes underground have rusted and the gas is leaking. I had someone come out and all they did was tighten a bolt or something and assure me that I wasn't paying for any of the gas that was leaking because it was on the other side of the meter :P
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