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Nimue, the movie was "The Joy Luck Club," and you're so right - it was an excellent representation of the difficulties faced by women of other cultures who migrate to the United States. Many of these brave women bring with them their wonderful traditions and values, but they cannot magically erase long-standing, historical conflicts between generations and genders. Added to their burden is the new conflict of cultures, particularly poignant when one views how the first generation American children of immigrant parents are torn between wanting to "fit in" with their American friends and wanting to please their parents, who often refuse to accept new ideas and language.
gris sky, I know this is a very late response, but I hope you still are reading the forum here. As long as there is life, there is hope for change and improvement. You are an educated woman with high intelligence. It is difficult for you to be repressed and dismissed by men as being of lesser value. Please understand the source - men who have been raised in such a culture fear the power of women, for they do not understand that our power is used for the good of the family and the community, not for competition, superiority, or revenge as men have historically used their power. Things WILL change; they will not change quickly, but they will change for the better. In the meantime, you can do all that you can to educate other young women of the importance of never giving up working for their complete independent rights so that they can live and love equally with men for the best their society can be. Teach this to your children or your nieces (and nephews!!); teach wherever and however you can. Some places you might contact for help are listed here. I have no personal knowledge of these particular organizations, and much of this information is old (addresses may have changed, etc.), but these would be a place to start:
- Association Pour l'Emancipation de la Femme
Chouaki Ourida / Ait Kaki Djazia
Foyer Municipal BT C Hussein Dey
Alger, Algeria
Association Espoir et Fraternite
Cite Badjaran II BT. AG A N# 5
Alger, Algeria
Association Independante pour le Triomphe des Droits des Femmes
26 Boulevard Mohamed V
Alger 16000, Algeria
Association Sonatrach-Solidarite
10 Rue du Sahara Hydra
Alger, Algeria
Association SOS Femmes en Detresse
Complexe Culturel de Ben Aknoun
Alger, Algeria
[old phone no: 02 66 87 25 - try to call if you are in trouble]
Association Voix de Femmes
B.P. 33 Boumerdes
33 000
Collectif Feminin Bnat N'soumer
24 Rue des Pins
Alger, Algeria
Femmes Algeriennes Unies pour l'Egalite des Droits
B.P. Local N# 5 Garidi II
Kouba Alger
Observatoire National des Droits de l'Homme
Palais du Peuple, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
Alger 16000
Solidarite des Femmes Arabes
39 Rue Didouche
Alger, Algeria
Union National de la Mujeres Saharaui
1 Rue Franklin Roosevelt, BP 10
Alger, Algeria
Union Nationale des Femmes Algeriannes (UNFA)
22 Boulevard Franklin Roosevelt
Algiers, Algeria
[For advancement of Algerian women in industry, agriculture, politics, social, and cultural activities]
I will keep you in my prayers.
Si vous voulez, ecrivez a moi ici pour autre aide. Bonne chance ma soeur!
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