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((((((Dot)))))) (((((Shopper))))) (((((Liam))))) ((((((mysterre)))))) ((((((Moon-ie-Moon)))))))

Thank you all!

Especially Moon-ie, who is just the sweetest person to visit with. So generous, so kind, so kind, so ... (are you blushing yet?) ah, just great!

And we went to the Bun oy! Woooooooop-di-dooooo!

Okay, I'll calm down. We're packed. (More or less) It's snowing (!!!!) and we catch a plane this afternoon. We'll be safely back in England whilst you're all asleep, if all goes to plan.

Thank you, all of you, for everything. The trip has been great and my grasp of the geography of this great country of yours has come along in leaps and bounds

<font size=+3>((*((*((Chickadee))*))*))</font> No more suitcases - soon! LOL

<b>Trivia Question</b> What Ohio town was the birthplace of Neil Armstrong?

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