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(((((anniejoan))))) Thanks for the support. You have no idea the difference it makes when someone asks what I believe, versus asking why I don't believe in something else. I appreciate it lady :-D

Wicca is a type of Paganism, like a Lutheran would be practicing a particular kind of Christianity. There are also many branches of Wicca. Over time I've found there are a lot of things about Wicca that I don't agree with, and classify my religion very generally as Paganism. This is an ongoing process for me, so in five years I might have narrowed myself down a bit but if I haven't I'll be fine with that.

Our family follows the wheel of the year, and pays attention to what's going on in the world. I can say for certain what they believe or will grow up thinking, but personally I feel like everything is connected. People, animals, trees, flowers, even BUGS LOL What happens to one happens to us all, and it's definitely the hardest part of what I believe to abide by. It's very hard to make sure you are treating everything the way you would want to be treated...especially snerts LOL

What about you kat? You want to add something?
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