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I dont know what to do...

Hi there.. I am new on this site... i really need some advice...

I know this may be a quistion that woman asks allot.. but I do not know what to do.. I am married to my husband for 6years now.. Almost every time we have a big arguement, he will either hit me, push me, kick me... it doesnt happen allot.. but when it happens i really get affraid of him.. I had a missed miscarraige 3 and a half weeks ago.. (the second one)... I really felt allone because it feels as if my husband is on another planet.. He is also very sad and dissipointed.. espessially for our daughter who is 5 and really wants a brother or sister...

The thing is.. why I am wondering only now about our future together.. two weeks ago, I really felt like taking to him about the miscarraige...I wanted to tell him that I am so glad that I felt better...almost like myself again.. he said he is also glad...but I must leave him allone, because he wants to sleep... (I felt like talking...) and went on with the conversation... He then kicked me out of bed... litterly... and said i am a b**** and was looking for that... I really felt very sad,hurt and allone... a week ago one morning..the alarm went off and I decided to sleep a bit longer... our daughter slept next to me.. He told me to get out of bed right away... (i wanted to sleep a bit more..) Then he said I am a real b***ch.. and some other ugly stuff to me..

I feel so depressed and allone, and dont know what to do...

I am starting to wonder if he will ever change?

If some can please give me some advice... i really love him.. but it feels as if I am just here for him..

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