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Red face Long distance/online relationship, does it really work?

I'm just curious if there are people who have made it or people who have known someone where long distance/online relationship worked for them.

I really love my girlfriend and I trust her with all my heart when she assured me that we will be together in the future. We are going to see each there after 2 years, if I get so lucky, then I can see/meet her within 1 year. She's in US and I'm somewhere in Asia. We've planned to live in a country where same sex marriage is allowed and we can get married.

We chat mondays to fridays and we see each other on webcams so that makes the conversation easier. It feels like we are just in two different rooms.

I really want this to work but sometimes, I get scared when people say that online/long distance relationship wouldn't work. It's only nice in the beginning.

We've been in a relationship or 2 months now
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