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Hey! I thought we had a football folder! Yesterday in WS a conversation got going and I really wanted to point it out to people.

I live in a Chiefs house, although I have always liked the Colts because they knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs every year. This may sound cruel, but once they are out our house can go back to normal for a little while. It isn't football talk 24-7 again until August or September - although it is here and there throughout the rest of the year due to newsgroups and email lists that give out info on tradings, etc. Sometimes I see how the internet might really be evil. ;-)

We were also talking about how much football STUFF you have. Denn has three coats, and yes he uses them all. He has t-shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, underpants....the kids have little chiefs outfits. We have chiefs throws, garbage cans, piggy banks and a clock. Oh yes, and every single football videogame you could imagine with the Chiefs totally decked out.

There are only a few months left until Denn loses his sanity once again, and we're slaves to the scores. I'm just glad he doesn't like college ball.
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