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Originally Posted by michael123 View Post
I have always loved traveling, but this is my first time to visit London. This is like a dream finally coming true! That's why I want to enjoy my every minute there. Can someone give me suggestions on where should I stay? I prefer a place near the most famous attractions of the city

I was lucky enough to visit London in 2007 for two weeks.
*EVERYTHING* is super expensive!!
For some of that time I stayed in Paddington, which was reasonably close to the main city area,and even though the hotel looked very good from the outside,the inside was rather shabby and not at all comfortable.
It was also very expensive.
I really loved the city and I was surprised that so many of the main tourist attractions are reasonably close together-easy walking distance.
Buy a ticket for the hop on-hop off bus and that will allow you to see lots of the touristy areas with the bus driver giving you detailed info.
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