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(((((IRISH))))))) you never let me down. NO, they are 3 and 1. I'll bring that idea up with my son and see if next time he talks to his ex if we can work something out.
As for the other 2 shimmering unicorns 2 which are 10 and almost 8 , if I don't call them or go over there I never see or hear from them.She's just so wrapped up in her job and his family... Let's just say I'm tried of going to them or calling them all the time. When I ask if I can take them I get a we'll see and then nothing. I can't believe how far apart my daughter and I have become in the last 4years and I just don't know how to tell her how much she and Chris(her hubby) have hurt me. In Dec. they had a party for their 10th wedding anniverary and didn't even invite me and Savannah to come. As I said it has made it so hard.
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