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Pet stories

Okay, I figure most of us have pets (or have had them or want them). Those of us with pets probably have some funny stories about them. Here's a thread to share...

I have 2 cats at the moment. KarmaKitty is an 11 pound black male and Drexie Calabash is a petite 6 1/2 pound tiger female. They're both 2, Drexie eats twice what Karma eats, and they both rule the house.

Karma periodically tries to escape whenever someone goes through one of the doors to the outside. One of my sons discovered that if he gets the garden hose, turns it on and sprays Karma, Karma will then make a dash for the front door and wait to be let back inside. (We definitely want indoor cats, for their own safety.) Now whenever Karma escapes, all I have to do is yell, "I'm getting the hose!" and he immediately runs to the front steps and sits his butt down to be let inside! Haven't had to turn on the hose in a couple of months now.
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