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awe... We are blessed with 2 cats and a dog?? Our cats are a father Kink who is a grey,black and brown 6 toed male of3 and close to 8 lbs. Bandit is a 10lb. flabby orange tiger also with 6 toes only he has 6 on all 4 pwas. He is our redneck cat. yep, he got him a daddy uncle!LOL They are as diffent as day and night but when they curl up together it is just the cutes things. As for the other memeber of our pets. Her name is Cocoa. Her paper work says she is a chocolate lab. However she can jump straight up like a bunny but 5 foot straight up and down when she gets excited. My roommate says she's the worlds first labaroo. yep half dog half kangaroo. We think she also has been around the cats too long as she brushes up on people like a cat would. Yep, it's cute for a 6 lb cat to do the but a bit painful for a 60lb. dog! So, that is my crazy little crew.
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