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I agree with both of you, Irish and Wolf (and you, too, Divine...and welcome to the boards).

Irish, the old phrase "forgive and forget" is sort-of true. If the hurt (or percieved hurt) was a one-time thing or an accident, then yes, forgive and forget. But if a person still has that tendency to hurt, like you mentioned, Irish, then yes, forgive but don't forget. Back away. Most of us have one or two people (hopefully in our past) who have hurt us, asked for forgiveness, then gone on to hurt us the same way again and again and again and...After a while, it becomes obvious that that person won't change. In that case, we can forgive but never forget. That's when it's best to walk away, like Irish said. In that case, forgiveness is probably as theraputic (sp?) for us as for the forgiven.
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