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I'm not sure what else to add, without becoming confusing... ask any 3 pagans about what their religion is, and you'll get a minimum of 5 answers!

I'm pretty "generic pagan" too. That is, I view it more as how I live my life. Ceremony/ritual is so.. finicky. Even if you don't go for the extreme ceremonial stuff (the right phase of the moon, which god/dess(es) to invoke, what color candles to use...), you still have to have the right mix of people and the right "organization" (which by itself can be a touchy subject among pagans!), and so often it just doesn't "work." I'd rather skip it, impatient person that I am.

If pressed, I would probably describe myself as a "scientific pantheist." For whatever reason (evolution or divine intervention or both...) we have intelligence. We're the part of the Universe that can see and appreciate the whole thing.. it's our job to use this talent to learn and celebrate as much as we can about the Universe!
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