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Recently I had to find some answers. Not the kind you'd ever want to find or look for. Yet here is the URL Link I found that answers for the most part of things that I am simply overlooking. I am in the process of making plans to get on my own feet and support myself in the future. When I do whatever I do I know I can. Why? Because of the support of friends, family, and online friends along with knowledge you can find at the tips of your fingertips. During the holidays make time for yourself. Your dirty house wont run away, nor will your children get sick for you to take time out for yourself. If need be do some planning. Tis what I am going to do. Or else my family physician will make me take a break regardless what I think I must do, i.e. hospital stay. Ugh! I am doing as well as can be expected in the situation I am in. Yet despite what the spouse thinks I am not as stupid as he will think I am. Hence, making do. So I just needed to let all of my friends and etc know on here what is going on. Dont give me pity for I wont take it. Just be supportive and understanding when I may have a need of it.

Have a great day!

Here is the URL Link:
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