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Talking Families

When you grow up you have your siblings and parents perhaps some cousins aunt uncles and even grandparents. Yet as an adult you move away and start your own family. However, I have few other families that have sprung up along the way. The online family the people I know thru websites, emails and etc. Then there is the native family I have. These are people who do pow wows with. Who are learning their heritage and culture even at this late date in our lives. Yet despite that I have a great family. I am surrounded by their love and support. Especially during the chaotic life I have been going thru for the last 11 months. Not pretty I tell you. Yet these "sisters" of mine are fabulous! I simply have no way to repay them. Not sure if I ever could either. Yet like they tell me, "you'd do it for me if it was me in your shoes." Which is so true! So I wanted to tell others that your family you live with daily may drive youup the known wall, do things to you that shouldnt be done, and leave you out in the cold. Yet as you all "see" that we have other families that come in when we least expect it. I wanted to tell all of them I love you. Thank you for being who you are to me. For doing what I would do for you. That I am proud to call you my "other" family. That I love all of you as you are.

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