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(((((((((IRISH Allie crazymomma tjterri63 bellstarny)))))))))) As for those two others i.e. gulkhan and shouki ugh! We dont allow men to come here to pick up women. This site was created by a wonderful insightful Lady who has passed on. She had the insight and love to help women online worldwide. So if you respect women and can show it on here, most of us dont have a problem with that. However, those who think they can post their pick up nonsense get real. Real Ladies in the real world would simply look at you like you have no common sense pat your head and walk away while shaking their heads.

Yes I agree for the most part that online relationships can be just as good as those in person. I know this for a fact. I have several people who I have actually met online then in person.

So Noha and tjterri63 come and check things out. Look at the message boards and perhaps join in on a chat sometime when you are able to.

Have a great day!
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