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Trust such a simple word. Yet its a basis for life. It is what we use as a point of reference in our daily dealing with others. So if trust is such a word. Then the word trustworthy is a spin off of that word. Thus if you are trustworthy then others must trust you for your common sense, wisdom and experience. Then again if you are untrustworthy why is that? Is it due to your actions that went separate of your words. Just like making a promise. If you have done so, then you must execute it. However there are instances where beyond your control you arent able. Yet does this make a person untrustworthy. Not if they explain the points of uncontrol that made them do their choices. However, in this society and life these words are key to our lives. Thus necessary to some decisions made. Not the ones done in haste but thought out. So if you have become untrustworthy of your words, actions and accountability. Then whose job is it to correct or fix it? The one who you have done the wrongs and made yourself untrustworthy or yourself. A real person being male or female has this choice. Thus if you had a word you'd like others to apply to you what would it be? I myself would like to think trust, wisdom and helpfulness. I may not like you one iota but if I am able to help you in a circumstance then I would. For I have no hidden agendas. I wont lie. Not even to save my own rearend. All I care about is being happy, thought of by others on occasion and perhaps loved. Yet I cant do all of those things. The one I can do is make and keep myself happy. So if you are untrustworthy do a reflection of past actions and words and deeds. Do what you must to fix or correct them. It doesnt mean you will attain the previous level you were on but it does mean you have chosen to be a better person than before by learning from your mistakes. So I will bless those who are and aren't. May the reading of this help you to have a better understanding of life and me.
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