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Life is so funny at times. Then its not. Mind you there are many variables that can change the course. It can throw us a curve that seems to never end. That it will make us want to quit quitely.

Well Heck No!!!! I will not go quitely. Nor will I submit meekly. I will rage and fight to keep myself going. There are those who would want me to be sad and lonely. To be upset and depressed. Like I dont have a friend in the world! Well its not going to happen today and tomorrow doesnt look better!

Those people in your life can be of good intentions, neutral or not. There are those who want to upset the apple cart. To keep you on the emotional rollercoaster. To keep you isolated. To laugh and make fun of your inconsequential life as they think it is.

No Life is inconsequential. Nor is the feelings of that person! Every person can decide for themselves what they are going to do when faced with situations. You can become a victim or you can be a fighter! You can give up or rage against it and be what you chose to be. Yes its hard but it will be well worth it.

I will chose to sing and dance. I will continue if need be on my own. However I know that I will have those rare and few people who will be there. Some will come and some will go. No matter what though, I know I can and will go forward.

When the day I go to meet the Creator. I dont want any one crying over me. I want them to party! I want them to sing and dance. To celebrate the life I had. To show whatever they have learned from me to others. This way I will be honored and humbled by this.

Tis all we can do. Thus what is your choice? I have made mine. Do you want to be with me or against me? Tis your choice. Just remember every thing will be accounted for. I wish you the best in whatever endeavors you undertake. The best there is in life. Blessings on your family and yourself.

Have a great day!
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