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Is it just me or does it never get easier? You know how we all have been told it'll get eaiser with time. Well, no it doesn't. I live with these people who never say Thank you or please and only ask me what's wrong when I am so mad I just want to tell them all to go away 'cause Yep, here I sit crying yet it takes til that point til they ask, if they ask at all.I can't even turn to my Mom and say why do the people you live with say any thing nice to you? I can't tell you when someone other than the one I gave birth to said Thanks dinner was good. Or thank you for helping out.
Isn't funny how they can complain if the pants they want aren't clean. Or there is no fresh Iced tea in the frig.It's Valentine's day and I feel as if I have doing for people all day. I got taken to the movies and the only one who even hugs me was a friend of our girls when we dropped her off. The other adult here didn't wish me a happy valentine's day or so much as hug me.
Am I that hard to love? Am I that hard to see the hurt I feel?Is it ...I never thought of myself as unloveable or unapproachable but the people in my life have sure made me feel exactly like that.
For those of you who have people in your life who have shown you love today you are the blessed ones. I thought I use to be amoung them but not anymore.
It feels like home to me. Bonnie Rhatt
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