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I am having the same issue- my husband sex drive doesn't match mine at all. I could have sex twice a day and he would prefer once a month- I am at my wits end with this- it is all I think about. I wonder what life would be life if we separated, how it would effect our daughter and all that mess that would go along with spliting. I am consumed by this- I wonder if it's me and it is playing heck on my selfesteem. I'm over sensitive about everything and I fight with over stupid things because I really want to just lash out at him for causing this painful situation. he doesn't deserve me or appreciate my womanhood. this is really more a rant and less of a question I guess but I have no one to talk to- everyone that knows him thinks he is soo wonderful and they all tell me how lucky I am. the bad part is when we do have sex it is AMAZING!!! that is another problem when it's good I want more of it. drives me crazy
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