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Originally Posted by PoohsBigSister View Post
I tried to buy tickets for the kids to Paranormal Activity last night...the lady at the ticket window wouldn't let them go in unless i went in and watched with them..and ummm...can you say NO?@?@?@? they went and saw the Fourth Kind instead and were scared stiff!! LOL! Poor Felicia didn't fall asleep till after two this morning... so apparently, it's worth the money if you are into that kind of movie.

I just saw Paranormal Activity .... it scared the pants off me! Which is saying something because I've kind of become desensitized by scary movies.

Anyway, I've seen three other movies since then...

Gamer - it was ok, but not great ... mostly I just like to watch Gerard Butler!

Surrogates - OMG this movie was so good, one of the best sci fi movies i've seen in a while.

The Boondock Saints 2 - Really just fan service for anyone who liked the first one. That said, I really liked the first one so I really liked this one. Also it was more laugh out loud funny than the first one.

Well that's it, all the movies I've seen recently (not counting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 I watched last night). Sorry about the big long review ... I'm just kinda bored waiting for UPS to get here.
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