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Angry i was raped and i think my boyfriend at the time was there

back in 2008 my daugther was born 22 of dec and i celebrite her birthday on christimas and my than boyfriend told me he was comin and never did the broke in to my houes raped me in front of my dauther and robbed me and after my than boyfriend told me he wood be there waitin for me at the hospitail but i ask the officer to go check he was no wear to be find and he was at home to make a longer story shot i fill like he didnt care about what happened to me and soon after he as me for help as after that i moved into a hotel. i fill like he was not there for me a all the way he acted he left when the police got here it took him to long to come to my house and i just fail out of love with him he didnt help me he blame me for it and i am just tried so we are longer talking and he no longer wants me to call him. i have nigthmares they are worse and still scared and things.i watch my surrondings and it still my mind he wast there when i needed him the most at the hospital and he wast there.
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