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I know the feeling

I know exactly what your going thru. I also am in love with my boss, but he is married and I am getting married in June. Its tough because you dont know what to do, be with who you want or be with who you need. I love my future husband, he is amazing, but at the same time I love my boss as well. We have had feelings for eachother for a very long time now, and Im leaving in a year, so its complicated. The only thing I keep saying to myself is that if he would cheat with u then he will cheat on you. I finally told him about a month ago that I was tired of second guessing my relationship with someone who adore and loves me for someone that I dont know does. Anyway, the best advice I can say is dont chance it because its really not worth it. if its meant to be then it will. It may take time, but you meet everyone for a reason.
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