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I simply dont understand. How anyone can say they love you care for you and etc when the minute you vent on other stuff they automattically think its them only them not anyone else. Mind you told them it wasnt them. That you specified who it is! This isnt the first time either. You have known this person for years. Everytime you vent to that person its them you are landblasting about. Its them who is the reason why you are upset. This sounds like limitations doesnt it? I thought friendships dont have limitations. I thought friends were there for you in the good times and the bad times. So while your life is falling apart, you are supposed to fix up everyone else's since they made a mess of it? Forget your obligations to yourself? That the doctors want to give you the cure all pill or for you to take counselling. What the heck? How does this fix up anything let alone keep anyone positive in their outlook on life? Well I am done with all of that. Due to my own health, and life as it is, I have to do things to improve it. I want to be positive and be productive. Not become a hermit in my own home having others take care of me. I may not know all the answers but I will figure it out. I will fix it only with the one who doesnt berate me for venting, being upset, yet listens to help me figure out what I must do and what can wait. Life dont wait for anyone. Life doesnt hand you the answers but maybe helps you with the opportunities there around the corner. So if I have to grab it by the horns and go for the ride of my life by myself, so be it.

What would you do? What do you think? Please let me know for I certainly appreciate it.

Just so you all know I am ever thankful for each and everyone of you. For without you my life would be worse off. Hugs
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