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Welcome to my Toy Shoppe. I'm PinoWOW, but you may also know me as Q-Pino when I'm off the Women Online Worldwide clock The WOW rooms have been my favorite place to chat since late 1997, and I became a WOW host in February 1998.

The Toy Shoppe is on the ground floor of a renovated Late Early Modern classic building in Verona, Italy. Despite its age, our place is totally accessible and has large windows for maximum natural light. We are located in the middle of a quiet block and right next door they make the best pizza this side of Vatican City.

The Toy Shoppe carries a huge line of handcrafted wooden toys, a titanium line of high-end gadgets,and a back room full of used computers that I fix-up and donate to local charities. If you have any old processors kicking around, please let me know.

There's also a niche for musical instruments, because I love to play with them when I'm not helping customers choose the right toy.

You won't find any mean people in the Toy Shoppe, as we banned them years ago.

Thanks for stopping by.
Thank you so much for your post.
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