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i must say i know what you going through, but my situation is worse.i got a job in another province and my husband of 10yrs remained in another one,for the past 2 years all was well or so i thought.until i meet a guy that i fell madly in love with,he is everything i ever wanted in a man.i meet my husband when i was very young and we quickly got married and he cheated on me with many women in the past 10yrs and i forgave him but i was never able to forget.i told my husband that i do not fell the same way about him anymore and he does not want to let go,he is even planning to move to where i am and i am not impressed,i really do not love him anymore.but i do not know how to make him come to terms with it,without fighting with him because we have a 4yr old together.any advice will be appreciated.
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