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An untraditional path

I have had a very untraditional education. Lets see- after high school I had a scholarship to study computer science for the summer before I began a 2 year program at Fashion School where I got my Associates in Fashion Marketing. Then I took some liberal arts at a community college and worked for a while. Next I moved to NYC and began my career in high fashion, but also took fashion courses at FIT for fun. I did go back and study political science for 2 years at Hunter college in NYC while working full time, but was offered a career opportunity that I could not refuse...After working in high fashion for 10 years , I started a scuba diving business with husband #1 and then we had our daughter and got divorced. I took a corporate job and got licensed to sell stocks and life insurance and wokred in financial services for 5 years. Then I went back to school- for fun- and studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is affiliated with Columbia University in NYC. So, my education has been untraditional- mostly due to the loss of my parents at a young age and the need to work full time to support myself. The good news, it has pushed me to be an entrepreneur and go after my passions. I feel like I have a well rounded education and tons of life experience-especially living in NYC for the past 20+years-that itself is an education!
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