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Hey, Wolf_Angel, here's a thought: Financial aid. I got my BA in Mass Communications (aka journalism) in May, 2009 and am currently getting my Master's in journalism. All on student loans. Yeah, the loan part is yuck, since I'll have to pay them back. But there are several pluses here: I could never have afforded to go back to school without financial aid; the summer between my BA and going into the Master's program, I discovered that if you can't make the monthly payments they want when you go to pay back your loans, they will work w/you on a sliding scale (so that shouldn't scare you); getting your degree will open doors for you; if you decide to get your Master's, many times that'll open more doors, like teaching in college as a fall-back career; etc.

Seriously, I never thought I'd be able to afford to go back to school, but this way, I could. Plus the loans give you more than just for tuition and books, so it might be enough to help you get by financially (or at least a little easier). Plus the jr. college that I got my AA in and the state university that I'm going to now both have part-time jobs reserved for students on financial aid so that you can earn some money during the semester.

Another thing to think about is that while I got mainly loans, there are also grants and scholarships (even for returning students, like us) that don't have to be paid off. I applied for everything available.

One last thing: if you're worried about credit (and mine isn't great, by any stretch of the imagination), they don't do credit checks for financial aid for school. You apply for it straight at the school...

If finances are the only reason you're not going back, check out the schools near you, see what types of programs and majors they have to offer and check out their financial aid, okay? You won't regret it!
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