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For me it starts with the communication. i want to talk how was your day? at first then into deep things like wow did you see the how big the moon was last night. Kind talk. Then the looks like i would love for him to give me because I have gotten dress up and made up and would love for him to look and say damn baby your hot as hell. unlike what i do get the look you look good and then he goes back to what he was doing before hand. Because it pisses my off to have done all this work on hair makeup cloths shoes nails toes all those things that he likes to see and tells you hey why dont you ever do those thing anymore? And then i am suppose to tell him whats going on because he says he failed mind reading 101. You know as women we take the time to notice what they like and dont like. and their facial expressions and since when things are wrong with them. but have to turn around and tell them whats going on is just not right because they dont want to take the time or make the effort to do so. And you would think after so many years together that the other person would know these things about you. That would totally turn me on if he/ or she since we are not all in heterosexual relationships would just do that. Then remember something that i like to do and lets go do it. Not say oh i am sorry i thought about it but i just didnt get around to it. At this point in my life at age 38 everything is working right. i want to be touched kissed read to yes all the fairy tale stuff but when i was younger and things like sex had to be worked at i gave him the things he wanted most. And i know life is not fair. But damn it. it should be at least some point in time. ok ok so sorry for the rant but i am so glad to have found this place and you girls to share all this with.
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