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Do you have a local ywca? I know the one near me help women get out abusive situations. Wolfie is right. She know about the system in Pa. She will be a prefect person for ya to talk to. Also contacting the athourities is a wonderful idea. Now more people are aware that, saddly, in this coutry it is a major problem and less and less police department have programs in place. It just it not tolorated and no one should live like that. Afriend of mine here in NY is in an abusive relationship and everyone around her sees it. She just doesn't want to or is not ready to admit it. I have tried to let her know that we are all here for her and I know she is breaking her mom's heart by staying with this boy.
Heyya (((((((Wolfie)))))) how are ya doin? miss ya like crazy and miss talking to ya more.
It feels like home to me. Bonnie Rhatt
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