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God loves you unknown-ml. Life is a balance of good and evil. Where there is give there has to be take. Just because someone is beautiful on the outside- doesn't mean it is all that. I know a woman who was so pretty that she couldn't walk down the street without being harrassed by men. Her bosses and mates never took her seriously and she soon loss much self-esteem avoiding men and wearing bulky clothes to hide herself. She eventually let herself go and became very fat. As unhealthy as she had become, she told me she finally was at peace with herself, since now those admired her for her mind- not her body. It is not so uncommon, since I know a man whose similar fate was the same. He was so handsome that when he walked in a room every eye was on him. Believe it or not- I saw with my own eyes that it does get old, since he seemed to hate it rather than boast in it. Last I heard- he had gained a couple hundred pounds...the irony. There's a difference between love and lust- these good-looking people were lusted after, not loved. How can you truly love someone when you can't get passed the flesh?
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