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Thanks MsFlo,
Thanks for your comment.
I've been reading a book about male meno-pause and it has helped a lot. In the past, when he'd get into a *mood* where he would see everything black, I would argue it and say something like: You're not like that. You know that's not true!. He'd get furious. Now I just go and do my own that I enjoy-like going for a walk with my dog, or go to another room to read my book in peace and quiet and let him sit. When I come back, he is over his dark mood. It's a lot more peaceful-even though it doesn't always work, there are a lot less arguments. I'm starting to realize that I cannot be responsible for his moods. Let him sit and brew. I also learned that it is okay to be angry at him for being such a shit-before I felt guilty about that. Now- let him sit and brew and I can be a angry at him as I want. Funny enough, I direct some anger to him, and I feel very peaceful away from him when he is in those moods.
A friend of mine talked to him in general about depression- and her having episodes of depression. He came back to tell me about it and said that person wasn't strong in life.

He would never get something like that. He doesn't see it. I hope he will at one point.
You are right, it is common to take things out on the ones we love- strange but true.
thanks again. It is good to know that I can *talk* about it and release some of the tension that I feel at times.
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