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Unknown I agree with you 100% when it comes to the Love. Love is just a word that describes a positive feeling towards anyone or anything in a persons life whether it be your mother, uncle, friend, car whatever. It wasn't necessarilly created for the bond between a man and a woman. It's really not a big deal being in a relationship either. I'm engaged and most of the time wish I was on my own. If I was I would be able to go wherever, and do whatever I pleased. If you really feel so ugly then do something about it. Don't dwell and cry about how you'll never find someone to lust over you. There are so many people you haven't met and wouldn't turn you down. And if you're trying to find someone online then you're not going to because all men want is a models face, big tits and a juicy ass. One thing I've learned about men (and I've been with too many) is that they all have a one track mind. Sex, food, and themselves. You'd be better off finding a woman. Love doesn't exist for men.
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