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[i][b][b][b][b]Hi i have read this thread and i am shocked as to how familiar all the stories and reasons are to mine for being and becoming celibate. I am a 32 year old young woman and have been celibate for 5 months so far and out of a serious relationship for almost 4 years. Sex messed up things in my life so much that i realised that taking it out of the equation of my life would possibly solve some issues. Surprisingly it did. My view on men and what i eventually would want in a relationship if ever i decided to get one again is totally different from 6 months ago. The qualities and attitudes, etc i would accept or ignore or put up with are totally mapped out now (adding more everyday). Being celibate is a challenge everyday and i believe it will until the day i decided not to anymore. The part about being creative is true until i read it here i didnt actually realise how much of an impact celibacy is playing in my new life (the celibate woman). I am writing now. Journals, blogs, commentaries etc and they are good. However I never thought that i could ever do it. I am more confident when it comes to blowing off men and i am now determined to make a lot more of my life. I am going back to school and getting my medical degree. However i try to keep total sexual experiences at bay, no intimacies with men or myself. Intimacies can lead to sex and being in control at the point where you may lose control can damage the vow for for all those who are not sure about's a great lease on life and what God has to offer...Also it can be hard to be in a relationship and be celibate because attraction to the person can send you mad....
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