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Unknown>> I had a very bad experience when I first had sex. (I was 20.) But, I was so starved for love and acceptance that I didn't receive from my family,(mother, father, etc.) It was the way that I was thinking inside my brain. I am now finding out that our brain is a remarkable tool that we use everyday, though our thoughts are ours, YOU are able to control what you think about yourself. I am not there yet with self-asteem, but my thoughts are working and practicing to ackowledge myself as a worthy person of loving myself, FIRST. Putting into practice what those positive, loving thoughts that YOU ARE, worthy of that love. Then by all means, share the love you have with yourself, it's not a selfish act to express love to yourself, (for yourself). I wasn't able to express love to anyone until I had changed my thoughts about myself. Until I did, I was abusing myself by having sex many times, when I didn't feel worthy. I wasn't being fair to myself or to my own body. I had to learn to express and feel the pleasures that only I would know about my own body. Everything about learning about my sexuality was learned over a period of years. Because it was many years, that I spent in the dark about what loving and accepting me for who I am. Noone can let you know, what you know about you. God knows you though.
Be Blessed, Unknown
Love, Gennie45
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