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I understand. I have been with my partner for 14 years. Then this man came into my life uxexpectantly who is married but we became friends and flirting set in and now here I am 4 yrs later so in love with him. He does not know. I want to tell him so bad but I am afraid. I do not know for sure how he feels. I know there is a chemistry between us but we have both kept things under control. Oh! he is my neighbor. Although, when we first new him he was not. This is very hard for me. There is something different about the way I feel. I want to spend time with him so badly it truly causes me pain and the fact he does not know how I really feel about him drives me crazy. I know we both have our obligations but I admit it, I want to have an affair with him. I want him in my life. These feelings just grew over time I did not plan it. Now here I am and so scared to tell him. I do not want to go my whole life like this and him never knowing. If there is any advice please share. I am truly so scared to tell him. I do not think he knows the depth of my feelings.
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