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One day a blind bunny went hopping down the trail and tripped over a large snake.
" Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see you there, I'm blind" said the bunny.
"Not your fault I didn't mean to trip you, I'm blind too." said the snake." By the way what are you?"
"I'm blind and can't see myself.So mabe you could examine me and let me know." said the bunny.
So the snake felt all around the bunny and said."Lets she your soft, warm,and cuddly.With a cotton tail and a wiggly must be a bunny."
"THanks. So now tell me what are you?" askrd the bunny.
"Not sure. Why don't you examine me, then we'll both know." said the snake.
So the bunny felt all around." Lets seeyour hard, cold, and slimy, you haven't got any must be a lawyer."
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