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Love is not something you can explain easily. There are different kinds of love. Before you can love a partner you must love yourself. This doesn't mean to be vain about your looks. No, it means to look inside yourself a love the person you are. I beleave that love is real but it is not the stuff we read about in fairy tales. If your looking for that go read a book. There are alot of good books out there. Now if your looking for love its a two way street. Lust can be one sided. When you love someone you see past all their faults. This doesn't mean you ignore them. LOL like I could. It just that you accept them for who they are faults and all. They also except who you are faolts and all. When things get bad you stick it out and lean on each other. My great aunt and great uncle were married for 50 years. Now you tell me that they didn't love each other and I will laugh in your face. Lust doesn't last over 50 plus years but love does.
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