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What are you like on the inside unknown-ml? It doesn't matter what the package looks like. You need to think better of youself. If you are pretty on the inside it shows. I have met people who are pretty and petty on the outside. Trust me they are not all that and it shows. No matter what the movies say nice guys can finish first. Looks are just hangups that the media has trained us to beleave. I know lots of nice people that would never make a fashion rag but they are my friends. Their inner self shows. Just respect your self and the rest will fall into place. FYI me and my hubby have been married for more then 11 years now. Trust me its not lust. It is love. You do not need to like someone to love them. They say that there is a very fine line between love and hate. So according to you there is no love. But you do know that with your logic that means there is no hate. MAN HOW I DREAM OF A WORLD WITHOUT HATE!!!! There is always two sides to every coin. Love/hate, night/day, good/evil, one can not exist without the other thats just logic. So love yourself and leave the hate for someone else. Only you have the power to change the way you see you.
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