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I understand where both of you are coming from Jennifer and Elusive. Yet please remember what's it about...The Oil! The military are doing what they are ordered to do. I should know since being a former army brat; army wife; and now an Navy Mom. I agree the USA shouldnt be the policemen of the World yet many of those same people from those countries are escaping here to the USA. There are some who dont want no part of their country and etc yet there are a few who are for their country. I figure that if those of the secondary leave their country to come here, well they can go back! The USA was started from people leaving the home country because of persecutions and etc.
Thus said I stand with leaving those countries Iraq and Afghanistan. Come home and take care of our own first! Yet I do support my son and others like him for doing what they are told to do. Hugs BTW not meant to offend anyone, its just my honest opinion!
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