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Honestly, the best sex I ever had was with someone I was never romantically involved with and he only had 5 inches at best. The reason was because he really was in tune to my body. I don't know how, because we had sex once (and he was able to go go go go several times that night), but he just knew how to please my body. He took his time, he used gels and lubricants and cunnilingus and soft kisses and sensual touches and all the things I thought I hated...but what I hated was wanting to ask for those things from other men, fearing they'd be bored with the idea. Wow, I...I literally just realized that as I typed this.

Anyway. With him, I came so many times. I screamed...I screamed and moaned and touched him and touched me and the blankets felt good and the walls felt good and everything just was amazing.

The worst sex I've had? Always with men who have large penises. Sure, they fill you up and all, but they seem to think that just having a big dick = instant orgasmic pleasure, and that's seriously NOT the case. I have another way to put it: "Just because he owns a shotgun doesn't mean he actually knows how to load and use it."

That is not to say that big men are bad and small men are good. I'm just saying that I found size does NOT matter and can actually make it worse when your big partner is on auto-pilot.

As for the man you lost your virginity to, it doesn't matter that he was 11 inches. He didn't "break" you or anything. A woman's coochie is a moving, flexible, rebounding thing. After all, it has to streeeetch to give birth, then come back down to size to stimulate a penis enough to get it to release sperm to get a woman pregnant again. This is what our bodies are biologically supposed to do. Unless you had sex with 11-inch dude the day of or day before you decide to have sex with your new beau, it won't make a difference. The big, ramming rod of an ex I had didn't make sex with Mr. Tiny Penis But Best Sex I Ever Had any less enjoyable.

Positions also come into play, and having him do things like stimulate your clitoris (or you doing it to yourself) also come into play. Using a butt plug can also make your vagina feel tighter since it pushes on that area a bit, too.

Just imagine if your fiance said to you, "Honey, I just can't enjoy sex because your titties are so small. I need you to get a boob job for me to find you sexually enjoyable." That would be horrible and you'd probably leave. Imagine how he feels hearing, "Honey, your dick is just too tiny and instead of trying different things I just want you to make it bigger. You are not enough of a man, I cannot accept your penis even though it's of absolutely average length and not technically 'small.'"

There is nothing wrong with your lover's body...the only problem is how you two are approaching the bedroom.
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