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There are two things to consider.

1. You shouldn't do anything you're uncomfortable with.
2. If you are in love (you don't actually say), you need to ask yourself why you're disgusted by his body.

You say that your aversion to putting your penis in your mouth is "understandable" just because his is the first you've seen, and I have to disagree. The fact that a penis is an ugly thing to you, you found sex painful and explain that "he" got an orgasm (implying you didn't) tells me that maybe you aren't ready for sex or shouldn't be having sex with men. It seems like you may not understand that sex shouldn't hurt you...not like how you relayed it with such distaste. It also sounds like you may not understand that your orgasm is YOUR responsibility, not his.

May I ask, how often do you masturbate? With what? And how often do you make yourself orgasm?

The other thing to consider is, as I said, you may not be ready for sex or you may not realize that you are a lesbian. I have never been put off by a penis in my life (you know, assuming it was recently washed and all).

As I said, you shouldn't do anything you're uncomfortable with...within reason. By that, I mean something that violates your feelings (like if you don't want him sleeping with other women don't agree to an open relationship) or that you find just unsanitary (like eating his feces...some couples are into that), that's something you shouldn't do. But if you don't want to do it because you think his body, the body of your lover, is "icky" or "gross" or "off-putting" to the point that you don't want to do something to please your lover, there's a problem.
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