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Hi mandymonday,

After reading your article, I too feel that maybe you are not really ready for a good sexual relationship. You say that you have only just lost your virginity at 26, where have you been?
However i remember my first time and it wasn't pretty, but as you gain experience sex can be a most wonderful thing between two people who are in LOVE.

I must say i enjoy full oral sex with my man both giving and recieving in the 69 position, and nearly always welcome his sexual advances.
I do not think/feel that a mans penis is ugly or tastes horrible.

Further, i also enjoy sex with one or two of my really bestest girlfriends when we are chatting and drinking wine together i.e girlie nights in but im not a lesbian is that another discussion?

Mandymonday you must try to be patient and talk with him and slow things down, get in the mood, romance etc, try a candlelit dinner with wine music.
Wear some really sexy underwear and i am sure sex with him will improve, and then slowly in the passion of it all you may feel the urge to take his manhood into your mouth and give him what he "craves".

I hope this helps, take care and good luck!

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