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I was raised Pentecostal Christian. You know the arm-raising-during-worship, super church people? That's what we were. My family still is, but I...I think I was always meant to diverge. Even as a young girl I asked my mother questions about other religions, pointing out how they were similar to Christianity and asking mom whey those people were so bad and going to hell if our beliefs were so close. She had answers, some good and some unsatisfactory, but all that changed after my disability. God became so big and so real to me one day, out of the literal blue, and I was so in awe I fell to my knees...literally! I thanked God for that.

Ever since, I felt a different connection. God...I refer to God in different ways depending on who I am talking with. I feel God is a "they" because that seems to be the common theme...even in Genesis. I do unto others as I would unto myself, I believe in love above all things.

As a child, I was always haunted by the spiritual and have gifts, like being able to heal a physical pain or read dreams. I still have these abilities and they are free to anyone wbo needs them. These are gifts bestowed unto me, unto this temporary body. They are not "services" I can charge money for. Since I need to touch you to help relieve pain, I can only offer my gift of dream reading to my forum sisters...just send me a message if you want me to do so.

Everyone told me I was an old soul from the time I was 5 years-old and as an adult I know what this means and see young and old souls around me. I feel I have lived lives in the past, and have done "alpha sleep" to get in touch with it...something that just came to me and apparently is exactly how one attempts to channel a past life. Go figure.
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